Newsletter: September 28, 2012



Dear Spring Ledge Farm customer,

Join us for the Night Maze – this Saturday, Sept. 29th from 7pm-9pm.  

$3. per person.  

         Bring your boots, as today’s rain might make the dirt paths a little wet (nothing like last year!).  Bring a flashlight if you like, bring your friends and family!  Parking is at the farmstand. 

         We’ll have hot dogs, popcorn and cider available as well.  Hope to see you there.

2012 corn maze


          Here is something new on the farm this year; Solanum integrifolium (the eggplant family) is an ornamental fruit that grows “mini pumpkins” on each stem.  They look great in fall arrangements and are a real conversation piece.

          The fruit are edible, albeit bitter, and used in Asian cooking.  Also known as Hmong Eggplant.  As they dry, they turn from a scarlet orange to a pumpkin orange.

          Other natural fall decorations at the farm include Chinese lanterns, dried grasses and flowers, corn stalks, broom corn, gourds and pumpkins.  Combine these with beautiful mums, asters and kales and your fall dooryard is complete.


Fall Vegetable Gardens:

         While we are still harvesting plenty of crops, it is time to think about putting the vegetable garden to bed.  Harvesting, Storing, Mulching, Preparing the garden so you can have a jump on the work this coming Spring.

This info from the UNH Cooperative Extension.  Some great tips on fall activities in the vegetable garden.  Extend the season on crops, prepare for overwintering carrots and beets, what to plant in the fall for next spring and cover cropping.  Check it out here.  


Alpaca Fiber Yarn:

We have three resident alpacas on the farm: Golden Eagle,Phoenix & Mercury (aka Murray).  They help protect the sheep and lambs from coyotes, keep our fields grazed down and provide some beautiful and very soft fiber for yarn.
 We received our latest shipment from the spinners, and now have three colors of alpaca yarn skeins for sale.  Each is blended with between 15% and 20% wool (from our own sheep).

Now Harvesting:       

Web Corn Beauty
       Sweet Corn – delicious ‘Providence’; a bi-color with tender kernels and great corn taste & ‘Mattapoiset’; a white-kernel variety with similar great corn taste.   ‘Mattapoiset’ available starting on Saturday.
    We have bulk sweet corn available by the bushel.  Great for freezing and canning.
     Lettuces, greens, cut flowers, herbs, micro mix, squashes, kales, carrots, beets, onions, potatoes, leeks, winter squashes, broccoli (including Romanesco), cherry tomatoes and Brussel’s sprouts, fall raspberries.
      As always, please let me know of any questions or comments by e-mailing me at
Greg Berger

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