Last Corn Maze!

This is it…    Our last weekend for the corn maze is this Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st. Maze will be chopped for silage starting Oct. 22nd.

    Night maze on Sat. 20th from 7-9pm.       All maze tickets $3.  

    Due to the weather, animal damage, low revenue, long days and stressful nights (a.k.a. farming), this will be the last weekend for the maze.  We will not be doing a corn maze in 2013.  Thanks to all who visited the maze over the last few years.  I appreciate your patronage.  Thanks to the Messer’s for leasing their beautiful field and for their help in rock-picking.  

          Stop in this weekend for one last fling in the maze, either during the daytime hours or on Saturday night from 7-9pm.  The weather this weekend looks good, and a  maze trip can take just a little less than an hour, so it will fit in with your other events.  

         If you have yet to try the maze at Spring Ledge, this is your last chance.  Hope to see you there!

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