Newsletter: October 12, 2012


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Dear Spring Ledge Farm customer,    

Join us for the Night Maze – this Saturday, Oct 13th from 7pm-9pm.  

$3. per person.  

         Bring your boots, bring a flashlight if you like, bring your friends and family!  Parking is at the farmstand. 

         Hope to see you there!


                                          The 2012 corn maze!      


Strega Nona’s Harvest:

           It is harvest time at the farm.  Time to pull out your copy of Tomie dePaola’s Strega Nona’s Harvest.  (And if you don’t have a copy yet, time to head to Morgan Hill Bookstore.)

        It is a great story about Strega Nona teaching the next generation how to garden, using some good ol’ fashioned techniques (manure, straight rows) and, of course, some Italian grandmother magic.

         Beautiful illustrations with loads of fall vegetables to identify and name.    ________________________________________________________________

Winter Squashes:

We’ve grown some beauties here at the farm.  Pictured at left include (l-r) Jarrahdale, Sweet Dumpling, Galeaux d’Eysines, Sweet Meat,  American Tondo &  Musque de Provence.

        These winter squash are great for decorations now, and delicious for dinner later.  In fact, they sweeten up as they cure.

Its similar to raising lambs…fun to watch now, delicious later.

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   The wood stove is back in the farmstand and we do have a few cords of seasoned hardwood still available for sale.  $285/cord or $150/half-cord.  Delivery is between $5 & $15. depending on location.




Web Corn Beauty

       Forecast is for temperatures well below freezing tonight.  Best to harvest your tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squashes and lettuces.        Some vegetables that can be covered and still survive include any root crops, brassicas (broccoli, cabbage family), arugula & mustards.
        The sweet corn at the farm will be frosted for sure.  Depending on the severity of the freeze, we can pick for another couple days or up to a week.  Regardless, our sweet corn season is winding down, and it doesn’t look like we’ll match last year’s record date of Oct. 27th.  Maybe next year.  Thank you for your sweet corn support over the summer and fall.
     As always, please let me know of any questions or comments by e-mailing me at
Greg Berger

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