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Dear Spring Ledge Farm customer,    

            Thanks to all our friends and customers!  We hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.  The farmstand will be open all day Wednesday with comfort foods and fresh, SLF-grown produce for your feast.  We will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 22nd, and will re-open on Friday with 7 days-a-week of natural Christmas decorations.

A few specials to mention this week: Micro Mix on sale, Alpaca Yarn on sale and a coupon at bottom of page.

Micro Special: 

Its not a small special, per se; its a special price on our own Micro Mix grown here at the farm.  We take advantage of the cool days by growing the micro greens in the brisk temperatures.  This slows down their growth & as a result, they attain a firmer structure and much stronger colors and tastes.  The red cabbage and kales turn a dark maroon, and thecress and pea shoots are bright green and packed with flavor.

To create our Micro Mix, we use over a dozen varieties of kales, pac choi, herbs, chrysanthemum, cress and selected greens grown to just an inch in height.  These are carefully harvested, mixed and packed – ready for your table.

Micro mix is often used as a garnish at restaurants, and a little goes a long way as a salad topper, in sandwiches, on top of hot soup, or just on its own with a light dressing.  It is delicious and nutritious.

As for the special, this week we have Micro mix at 20% off!



The Christmas tradition of wreaths dates back to Roman times when those crazy heathens tried to spruce (pun intended) up their abodes by collecting fresh greens.  Since the daylight hours grew  shorter near Dec. 21st (the winter solstice), and cold darkness crept into their lives, the greens were used to treat anxiety, mild depression and seasonal affective disorder.  Although there were no scientific studies to back up these claims, the unregulated wreath-making industry took advantage of the times and cranked out all sorts of “remedies” to the winter blues.

In our modern world, the powers that be have really clamped down on the wreath industry, and all we can claim now is that a fresh wreath, with scents of balsam and juniper, dark green foliage and that minimalist circular design will look great on your door.  Each time you see it, your spirits will rise.

Fresh balsam greens combined with years of wreath-making experience equals high-quality Spring Ledge wreaths for your holidays.   We make the wreaths fresh here on the farm and they range in size from 8″ to 48″.  Our signature wreath is the “Tapestry” wreath, made with balsam, juniper, cedar and pine.  Naturally Beautiful!          Here is a quick video of our wreathmaking.

We also ship wreaths to friends and family (and also to enemies and strangers, if you prefer to keep them closer).  A delivered wreath makes a great gift for those who can’t stop at the farm to pick one up.  For more information and to order shipping wreaths, stop in the farmstand or click  here for our online store.

Cover girl Stella modeling the “Nellie Oleson” corn husk wreath.  Made with all-natural corn husks from our ‘Red Stalker’ ornamental corn planting.  Available for the 2013 season!As always, please let me know of any questions or comments by e-mailing me at

Greg Berger
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