Newsletter: November 8, 2012

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Dear Spring Ledge Farm customer,   

            Yes, it is cold out there.  Our field harvest continues, though, as we chisel through the soil to find carrots, turnips & parsnips.   Kale & kohlrabi can handle the cold as well.         From the cold frames, we harvest lettuces, greens, spinach (next batch ready in a couple of weeks), and arugula.  From the greenhouse, we are harvesting micro greens, popcorn shoots, pea shoots and basil.

          Add those items to our winter squashes, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes and garlic to round out the Spring Ledge grown produce still available at the farmstand.  

      The farmstand is open Mon-Sat from 11-5:30 and closed on Sunday.  Starting on Nov. 16th, we are back to our 7 day/wk schedule of Mon-Sat 10-5:30 and Sundays 10-3.

We are gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  More on our home-grown poinsettias and SLF-made wreaths in the next newsletter.


Conservation District:

         A few week’s ago, Spring Ledge Farm was awarded the 2012 Cooperator of the Year award by the Merrimack County Conservation District (MCCD).  We
work wit
h the District as well as with the Natural
Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) implementing programs on the farm that help stop soil erosion, save water, keep nutrients in th
e fields and provide a better soil for our crops.
          We appreciate the partnerships we have with the MCCD, NRCS and UNH Cooperative Extension service.  It all helps retain & protect the natural resources we rely on to provide locally-grown food.  Plus its fun to throw around all those acronyms, which can make us sound smarter than we look.

Stone Wall Art:

           Next time you drive by Spring Ledge, well, first you should pull into the parking lot and buy something, but if that isn’t on your immediate to-do list, then be sure to check out the new rock wall at the f

ront of the garden.  It is designed and built by Marc Berry – dry wall stone mason.   

         The wall is built using some of the rocks from our fields, and it is held together simply by gravity and the careful placement of each individual stone.  There is no mortar anywhere in the wall.

        The resulting raised bed and artistic features will lend themselves to all sorts of gardening possibilities.  We are very excited to plant this new stone garden and to highlight the way stone walls can compliment your garden.

To reach Marc, call 748-3508.

           Of course, since this wall is near the entrance and exit to the farm, and since this is New London (ever wonder why they installed those bunkers in front of the NL Post Office?), we’re wondering when the first dent will happen.   I’m thinking of a 50/50 raffle: you put some money into the pot & predict the date of first impact.  Whoever is correct wins half the booty and the other half goes towards fixing the wall.


 Transition Town:

*Strong Local Economy

*Increased Energy Resilience

*Access to Local Foods

*Healthier & Safer Communities

What’s not to like?

          All of these are goals of Kearsarge Valley Transition, an emerging local network of individuals, businesses and organizations that are committed to improving the well-being and resilience of their neighbors and communities now and into the future.
        The third year environmental science/studies major students at Colby-Sawyer College are hosting a transition town training on campus on November 9th-11th, 2012.
Training Schedule: Friday, Nov. 9th 5:30-9pm  (Potluck Dinner & Discussion-Free and open to the public); Saturday, Nov.10th 9:30-5:30pm; and Sunday, Dec.11th 12-5:30pm.If you are interested, please register for the event ASAP by clicking here (Kears. Valley Transition website)


            The wood stove is back in the farmstand and we do have a few cords of seasoned hardwood still available for sale.  $285/cord or $150/half-cord.  Delivery is between $5 & $15. depending on location.



Congratulations to Beth & Adam Dragon on their new baby girl, Adalyn Elizabeth Dragon born Nov. 2nd.       

 Mom, baby and family are doing well.  


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