Newsletter: December 4, 2012



Dear Spring Ledge Farm customer,

         Poinsettias grown here on the farm

        The Granddaddy of them all can be found at Spring Ledge Farm…

Earlier this summer, a gentleman from Andover brought in his potted poinsettia plant, which consisted of a gnarled trunk and dozens of green shoots growing from the top.  He wanted to know if we would adopt the plant, as he had too many other poinsettias to grow and this particular one was becoming too large for his house.

         Being plant geeks, we said “of course”, and we hauled the plant down to the greenhouse where we were just starting to grow the first of the poinsettias for the season.  The gentleman brought along a letter detailing the history and care of his plant.  He bought the poinsettia at Rich’s Dept. store in Concord 30 years ago for $2.98 and he has grown it outside in the summers and inside in the winters all these years.

         It is a monster of a grower, reaching a height of four feet over the course of the summer and fall here in the greenhouse.  We brought it up to the farmstand for the season and invite you to stop by and take a look.

We’ve grown our own poinsettias for 16 seasons, and we’ve learned a bit about their history, culture and care.  Although many small greenhouses have ceased growing this crop, we believe there is still a demand for high-quality plants.  The poinsettia industry has trended toward mass-production, with large growers in Canada and the mid-Atlantic flooding the markets.  As they cut costs over the entire crop, the quality of these mass-market plants suffers.

To grow a high-quality poinsettia, with strong branches and healthy, colorful bracts, we take care to space our plants correctly, starting them off with beneficial root microbes and carefully adjusting the growing temperatures as the season progresses.  The poinsettias are grown alongside our cyclamen, which we start from seed the previous January and amaryllis and paperwhites which we force in the Fall.

            With our own supply of plants growing “down back” in our large greenhouse, we can easily keep the farmstand stocked with fresh color for your holiday needs.


To illustrate how we grow our own poinsettias, we created this video.  It worked out fairly well, although there were some technical difficulties along the way (“why can’t we stop that music!!!”).  Click here for the YouTube video, (best viewed with “large viewer option”).

           There is a nice video by P.Allen Smith discussing poinsettia care, and links to Morgan Hill Bookstore,where you can purchase Tomie dePaola’s book, the Legend of the Poinsettia.

We offer white, red, burgundy, Jingle Bells and pink poinsettias, as well as Winter Rose cut flower poinsettias.  Check them out at the farmstand, and bring this coupon in with you, good for 10% off your purchase of Winter Rose cut flower poinsettias.


          Shipping Wreaths:

     We make the wreaths fresh here on the farm.  They make a great gift for those who can’t stop in to pick one up.  We can ship them a Spring Ledge Tapestry wreath or a Balsam wreath.

Choose from a classic red bow or plaid bow. Or you could send a naked wreath if you have relatives who save their bows from year to year (saving resources – very nice, very frugal…they may also tend to save their plastic grocery bags, folding them into little origami triangles and stockpiling them in the kitchen drawer).

Stop in at the farmstand to order the wreaths, or click here for our online store.  We can usually have your wreath ready and shipped by the next day.  We ship UPS.

Natural Farm Christmas:

The Farmstand is brimming with natural Christmas decorations, including fowl, felt, & fiber (bird ornaments, mini-sheep & wool roving).

       Choose from one of our decorated wreaths or choose your own decorations and we can help attach them to your wreath.  We can customize your bows as well.

         Thanks to the wood stove, the balsam scents, and the mulled cider, its free aromatherapy every time you walk in the door!


Our produce is available every day and includes salad mix, sweet potatoes, four types of regular potatoes, two varieties of garlic, winter squashes, delicious carrots, parsnips and beets, and fresh microgreens.

Local dairy, beef, breads, cheeses, pastas and pies round out the offerings.

We are open seven days a week through Dec. 24th offering Christmas Trees, Poinsettias, Wreaths, Garland and Natural decorations.

         We appreciate your patronage.  As always, please let me know of any questions.


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