Newsletter: January 10, 2013

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            Winter Market  this Friday the 11th from 3-6 pm and Saturday the 12th from 10-1.

          We gather together the best artisan breads, fresh greens from the farm, pasture-raised beef, local pies, dairy, pasta and cheeses, combined with our own carrots, potatoes, garlic, turnips and beets for a hearty dose of comfort food.


Star Lake Beef Roasts and London Broil are on sale this week for 20% off.


        CSA Farm Shares -

Mini Loans earn 10% interest.
This popular program is a win-win for all involved.  Buying a Farm Share at Spring Ledge is a form of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).  CSA’s work when a customer pre-purchases shares in the form of a gift card to help with the farmer’s yearly start-up costs.   This helps the farmer  during the “off season”, when there is little cash flow but there are many seeds to buy, debt service to finance and maintenance costs to consider.
            Purchase a Farm Share in any denomination.  Use it for any item at the farmstand, from produce to plants to pots.
            CSA Farm Shares for 2013 are now available.  Receive 10% return on your investment when you sign up before January 16th and pay with cash or check.  
    Click here, email or stop in at the farmstand for more info.  Thanks!


Spring Ledge Potatoes:

Our first New Year’s resolution is to clean out some of the root cellar!  We’re offering great prices on potatoes at our winter markets on Friday & Saturday. Buy a 15-20 lb box for only $0.50/lb.  (regular price $2.00/lb). Send college students back to school with a box, make homemade french fries or even donate some to a local food pantry.

        Yukon Gold- round-oval tubers with yellow-buff skin and delicious light yellow flesh. Suitable for any cooking style and stores well.

         Red Maria- this all-purpose red spud is great for a mash or a fry. Flavor sweetens in storage.
         Reba- excellent flavor–one of the highest rated in taste-tests.  Good for baking (not too dry, not too moist), potato salads, boiling, mashing, and is a great keeper.
         La Ratte Fingerlings- unique nutty flavor and smooth, buttery texture. The variety originated in Denmark in the late 19th century and is a favorite of French chefs, ideal for roasting and boiling.
         French Fingerlings-  pink-skinned fingerlings with yellow flesh that is flecked with red. This variety is known for its gourmet-quality flavor and is best boiled or roasted.
          Adirondack Red- a red skinned and red fleshed potato which has excellent flavor.  Very good boiled (color will fade), good for potato salad and mashed, excellent pan-fried, excellent roasted and baked (moist). Will not gray after boiling and will remain firm for salads. Color will fade to a lovely shade of pink when mashed and a darker shade when roasted. Very high in antioxidants, especially the skin.



Micro Mix - we have a bumper crop again this week, and each bag of microbiotic goodness is half price!   We’re sharing our crazy bounty of micros with you.  Great as salad toppers, in sandwiches and our micro mix even floats on soups!  I know…Wow!


 Feeding the Blueberries:  

A friend of ours relayed this story of his young boy anxiously imagining the fate of their Christmas tree (names have been changed to protect the innocent):

“ … there were tears shed in our household from Timmie, our little guy,  about our xmas tree’s fate.  ”I don’t want farmer Greg (that is how you are known in our household) to take our tree and feed it to his blueberries!”   Eventually he got over it, but it was pretty entertaining while it lasted.


To the Chipper
Recycled Tree Pile

Yes, we do apply the Christmas tree mulch to the blueberries, although the trees feel no pain since one or more of the following must be true:

a: they are made of wood.

b: they were chopped down over a month ago.

c: its cold out so they are numb.

d: the sound of the chipper puts the in a trance.


Now accepting Christmas Trees for recycling.  Bring your tree to the farm before January 15th.  We chip the trees and use the woodchips as mulch on our blueberry rows.

No wreaths or roping please.  Any and all ornaments found are deemed the property of Spring Ledge Farm.  We’ve found some real winners in the past!


         As always, please let me know of any questions or comments by e-mailing me at

Greg Berger
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