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Dear Spring Ledge Farm customer,    

          Winter Market  this Friday the 18th from 3-6 pm and Saturday the 19th from 10-1.

          We gather together the best artisan breads, fresh greens from the farm, pasture-raised beef, local pies, dairy, pasta and cheeses, combined with our own carrots, potatoes, garlic, spinach, micro mix, turnips and beets for a hearty dose of comfort food.

Star Lake Beef Roasts and London Broil are on sale this week for 20% off.

Star Lake Scottish Highland Beef is pasture-raised in Springfield, NH.  Excellent beef flavor and tenderness.


Our carrots are sweet and crunchy, just right for lunch snacks, glazed carrots, stews and a side salad.  Try this simple pickled carrot salad at home…tastes great the first night, even better after a few days in the fridge.

6 carrots – shredded

1 parsnip - shredded

2 beets - shredded

6 cloves garlic – diced

Combine all in a bowl and add 1/2 cup white wine vinegar and 1 tsp. salt.  Mix everything well so all vegetables are coated.  Ideally, allow to marinate for a few hours or a few days.

Freshly-picked Spinach and Kale -
while supplies last!  

We grow these cold-hardy crops in our high-tunnel cold frames throughout the winter.  Both have excellent flavor and actually turn sweeter as they are exposed to cold temperatures.


 Spring Ledge Sweet Potatoes (on sale this week!):

Sweet potatoes are a fairly new crop for New Hampshire growers. Research by Becky Sideman at UNH has inspired us to grow this heat loving crop.

We start off the season by buying slips from a sweet potato grower in North Carolina. Slips are produced by laying out sweet potatoes in a bed and letting them sprout. The sprouts are cut when they are 8″ tall, and immediately shipped to us.

They arrive without any roots and must be kept moist. In early June after any chance of frost we plant the slips 12″ apart on biodegradeable mulch as soon as they arrive. At this stage it is critical to keep the planting well watered, and we even cover the rows with remay to keep direct sun and wind off the tender young plants.   For 2013, we will be offering 4-packs of rooted and established sweet potatoes, ready for your garden.

Sweet potato plants grow into large vines that fill in between the rows. In late September before any frost we check the tube

rs for size and start the harvest. The tubers differ from regular potatoes and grow straight down from the crown much like

a dahlia tuber. Once picked we give them a quick rinse and lay the tubers out on a greenhouse bench to cure.

During this 2 week process the potato sweetens as starches turn to sugars.  We then grade the tubers and box them for storage, where they continue to sweeten and provide a delicious vegetable option all winter.

As for nutrition, sweet potatoes are king of the hill.  Check out the chart below for a comparison.

     Our sweet potatoes are on sale this week – 10% off.  Buy 20 lbs. or more, and save 25%.  













Graphic from


CSA Farm Shares - 

 Mini Loans earn 5% interest.  

            CSA Farm Shares for 2013 are now available.  Receive 5% return on your investment when you sign up before February 28th and pay with cash or check.

    Click here, email or stop in at the farmstand for more info.  Thanks to everyone who has joined the CSA for 2013!

  Kearsarge Valley Transition Initiative:

Here are a few links and a description of a new program spearheaded by Colby Sawyer College.   If it sounds interesting to you, check out the links below for more information.

Here in New Hampshire, where town-meeting local government, Yankee ingenuity and frugality are part of our heritage, finding local solutions to larger societal problems may be in our genes. A question worth asking in these difficult economic times is how can we tap these age-old community values to address new problems such as the ever-increasing cost of energy, the reliance on distant and anonymous suppliers to meet our local needs, and our ability to help one another through times of stress and difficulty.”

Presentation on Permaculture coming up Friday, Feb. 1st.  

   Next week at the Winter Market (Jan 25th & 26th):- Our own LAMB will be available.- PESTO - Product samples & meet the producer –  with Darlene Ball of Vegetaball’s Pesto from Claremont, NH.As always, please let me know of any questions or comments by e-mailing me at

Greg Berger
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