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Dear Spring Ledge Farm customer,    

            Winter Market  this Friday the 25th from 3-6 pm and Saturday the 26th from 10-1.

          Its cold out there!  (a firm grasp of the obvious is my strong suit.)  We’ll have the wood stove cranked up on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning for our Winter Market hours.


      This week, we are featuring the best pesto around: Vegetaball’s Pesto, made in Claremont, NH.  Darlene Ball, owner of Vegetaball’s Pesto will be at Spring Ledge on Friday afternoon to explain how she creates her pesto and will offer samples and suggestions on how to use this delicious spread.

          Just add pesto for a quick and delicious pasta meal.  Stir some into your cooked noodles and enjoy the flavor.  As the Vegeteball’s description testifies…

Our Pesto is the Besto.” VegetaBall’s Farm Pesto is made with the finest ingredients-fresh basil, pure olive oil, freshly ground Parmesan and Romano, pine nuts, butter, garlic, and sea salt.

 Hope to see you Friday 3-6 pm to meet Darlene Ball, owner of Vegetaball’s Pesto.


Lamb cuts:   

Spring Ledge lamb now available in various cuts and sizes.  We pasture-raise the lamb here on the farm, right in the center of town.  During the summer and fall, the lambs are treated to leftover produce and grazed from one area of the pasture to another using portable fence.  This allows them to have fresh grass all season and encourages healthy growth of the pasture lands.

       Here is the list of lamb cuts – best read as if you were “Bubba” from Forrest Gump.   Lamb shoulder roasts, lamb rib chops, lamb loin chops, ground lamb, lamb shanks, lamb leg steaks, leg-o-lamb, lamb soup bones, lamb kidneys, lamb breast, lamb sirloin, lamb loin rack, lamb shoulder chops.

A new cut for us this year is the lamb breast, which is like a mini rack of pork spare ribs crossed with succulent pork belly.  Here is a recipe for that particular cut.

       All of these cuts are frozen in vacuum-sealed packages and processed at Westminster Meats, a USDA certified packing house in Westminster, Vt.  Here is their website.



Christmas Tree Season: 

We chipped the giant pile of Christmas trees this past week.  We will use the mulch on our blueberry bushes next year.  Here is the chipper in action.

       We are not accepting any more trees this year.  The chipper has come and gone.  Of course, today we found two new trees left in the parking lot.  Its like the dirty dishes in the sink…all it takes is one person to leave one dish or fork, and the coast is clear for everyone else to add to the dirty dishes with a clear conscience.   Today we will remove the trees and hope that the sink stays clean.

We did find a few orphaned  ornaments …if you think one of these is yours (or you take a liking to one), let me know.  They are currently in the Ornament Impound Lot at the farm and can be claimed with a signed affidavit, gorilla-taped to one bar of dark chocolate (70% cocoa) & sent to my personal address.


        CSA Farm Shares - 

Mini Loans earn 5% interest.  

            CSA Farm Shares for 2013 are now available.  Receive 5% return on your investment when you sign up before February 28th and pay with cash or check.

    Click here, email or stop in at the farmstand for more info.  Thanks to everyone who has joined the CSA for 2013!  Receipts and cards are in the mail.


Kearsarge Valley Transition Initiative: 

Here are a few links and a description of a new program spearheaded by Colby Sawyer College.   If it sounds interesting to you, check out the links below for more information.

Here in New Hampshire, where town-meeting local government, Yankee ingenuity and frugality are part of our heritage, finding local solutions to larger societal problems may be in our genes. A question worth asking in these difficult economic times is how can we tap these age-old community values to address new problems such as the ever-increasing cost of energy, the reliance on distant and anonymous suppliers to meet our local needs, and our ability to help one another through times of stress and difficulty.”

Presentation on Permaculture coming up Friday, Feb. 1st.



Spring is coming!

Treat yourself to a morale booster – check out the newly-arrived organic seeds from High Mowing Seeds.   Now available at the farmstand.

As always, please let me know of any questions or comments by e-mailing me at


Greg Berger

       Available this week:

5 varieties potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, beets, micro mix, rosemary, cyclamen, pet grass, onions, artisan breads from the Good Loaf & Red Hen Bakeries, McNamara Dairy, Star Lake Beef, winter squashes, Cutting Farm Honey, Home Hill Inn Pies, Pesto, Margarita’s Salsa, Vt. and NH Cheeses.

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