Newsletter: February 22, 2013

SLF Pea Shoots ready for harvest

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Open for Winter Market:

Friday Feb. 22nd from 3-6 pm and Saturday the 23rd from 10-1.

Featuring Spring Ledge greens,harvested from our cold frames – spinach &micro greens.  Windowsill pots of daffodils, salad greens and grow your own micro greens.  Local dairy, meats, pesto, salsas, pies, breads and Spring Ledge carrots, sweet potatoes and winter squash.


“Honey – Meet the Beekeepers”:

  Not something you hear every day from your sweetheart…

 Join us Friday afternoon from 3-6pm to learn more about bees and honey from Keith and Susan of Cutting Farm in Springfield, NH.

They will explain how they raise bees in our area, the benefits of local honey and how they make beeswax candles.

A brief blurb about Cutting Farm:

        ”Susan and Keith were raised in rural New England families.  They share the same strong rural lifestyles and values.  They bring these values to their family and their farm.  Their family of four son’s, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren share in their lifestyle and products.

Cutting Farm Honey JarsCutting farm is a self sustaining agricultural business.  They market their products through participation in Farmers Markets, Direct Sales to consumers and through Farm Stands that support their standards of value.

Their goal is to provide a safe and healthy product to their family and their customers.”

          Cutting Farm honey is delicious – great for sweetening teas, on toast, flavorful addition to baked goods, or on top of ice cream.


Impatiens Alternatives:

     Impatiens Downy Mildew is a devastating impatiens disease which is forecast to be in our neck of the woods in 2013.

    Symptoms start with subtle leaf yellowing and progress to include downward curling of leaves, stunting and thena white coating onthe undersides of leaves.  Click here for another update and pictures on what to expect from Impatiens Downy Mildew. Ball Seed Poster

     We will be offering the regular impatiens again this year, although in smaller quantities than previous seasons.  We are sowing plenty of alternative shade-loving garden plants, including Torenia (wishbone flower), Hypoestes (polka dot plant), Coleus (coleus!), New Guinea Impatiens & Begonias.

            Don’t let the Downy Mildew get you down…there are plenty of alternatives to garden impatiens for spring 2013.

This week, we highlight New Guinea Impatiens, which are not susceptible to this Downey Mildew disease (they are a different species of impatiens).

We are sowing seeds for ‘Divine’ New Guinea Impatiens, which provide all-season color for shade and part-shade gardens and containers.  Not quite the range of colors available in garden impatiens, but they do bloom continuously all summer and can tolerate heat very well.  One nice thing about the ‘Divine’ series is that is grown from seed, and therefore is a more budget friendly option for buying New Guinea Impatiens.  We will offer the larger New Guinea varieties (such as ‘Sonic’, ‘Super Sonic’ and ‘Infinity’, as well as ‘Sunpatiens’) in 5″ pots.  We plan on the ‘Divine’ series to be in 4-packs and jumbo 6-packs for a better per-plant price.

   Here are a few thousand words about the ‘Divine’ series – all bundled up in 2 pictures…


If you happen by the lobby of New London Hospital, check out the greenery and wildly blooming cyclamen in the front lobby garden. We set up over 40 pots of cyclamen in a range of colors to help lift the spirits of patients, visitors and staff at the hospital.

 As always,  please let me know of any questions or comments by e-mailing me at

Greg Berger

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