Newsletter April, 17 2013

Mixed Container – just planted

Delayed Gratification Workshop…

         One thing about gardening that I love is planting seeds or young plants and knowing that, given sunshine, water and time, they will grow into a beautiful and delicious garden.  Patience is a virtue when it comes to gardening, where some effort early on in the process will be rewarded later in the season.  This delayed form of gratification lasts longer than the instant kind.  When you practice delayed gratification in gardening, there is the initial bit of work and then the sweet anticipation of what is to come.

We will be hosting a “Delayed Gratification Container Planting Workshop” on Saturday, April 20th from 1pm-4pm.  Join us as we plant young plants, called “plugs”, to create a mixed container.  Then we can all practice delayed gratification for 3-4 weeks while the container grows into its full potential, by which time it will be ready to plant into your favorite pots and your gardens.   To guarantee a spot for the workshop, please call (526-6253) or email us.
We will be on hand with an organized assortment of premium plants including Proven Winner varieties, Ivy Geraniums, and accent plants.  Click here for a list of the young plants to be offered.   You choose the colors and varieties, we’ll help with suggestions for the best combinations.  We’ll use organic soils and fertilizers to jump start the young plants and share some of our tips on container gardening.
Planting will be in “Plant Pies“, pictured to the right,
which are a great way to start up a combination of plants that can later be transplanted into your favorite container, hanger, whiskey barrel or right in your garden for instant gratification.
         Cost of the workshop is $5 for the container, soil, fertilizer and consultation and $2. per plant “plug” that you choose.  So a plant pie with 4 premium plants will run $13.  You may take it home and grow it yourself, or, for a $15. growing fee, we can keep it here in our greenhouses for 4 weeks and you can pick it up on or before May 20th.   That’s $0.50 per day for us to water, heat, fertilizer, harden-off and care for your creation.  Your custom planting will be full and ready for your home on May 20th.
To guarantee a spot for the workshop, please call (526-6253) or email  us.  This looks to be a fun and creative session with many choices full of potential and growth.

     As someone famous probably said… 
“A little planting now, a lot of flowers later!”

To learn more about the benefits of planting in Plant Pies, visit this website.


For a full listing of the 90+ varieties to choose from at the workshop, click here.


New Items!
NH Grown Pastry Flour & soft cheeses from Brookford Farm.   Whole wheat flour coming soon!

 Grown in Canterbury, NH, Brookford Farm uses a soft white winter wheat variety, harvesting and grinding the flour on the farm.  The fields are rotated with their animals to enable a healthy and bio-dynamic land use.  Click here  for a bit more about their growing methods

We are also carrying Brookford Farm Brie, Camembert and Blue Cheese.  These are made right on their farm with milk from their herd of 40.

We are pleased to carry these N.H. grown items.  Stop in and give them a try!

Yes, we are growing impatiens at
Spring Ledge Farm this year.

 We will offer 45 varieties of this garden favorite.  We will continue to inform and alert our gardening customers about Impatiens Downy Mildew, which is a foliar disease of garden impatiens that is predicted to be a major problem in NH this year.   Click  here for a list of the impatiens varieties offered at Spring Ledge Farm in 2013.

Cold-Hardy Blooms:

We’ve set up the outside benches and filled them with our own pansies, violas, linaria, primulas, early-blooming perennials and other cold-hardy plants that can be outside now.  Be creative and make up a mixed planter – we have all you need including the pots, soil, fertilizer and colorful plants.  We also have some mixed planters already made with bright, spring flowers.

Results of the Seed Sowing


      A few weekends ago, we had a great turnout for our 1st seed sowing workshop.  Thanks to everyone who was patient with us as we sorted out the seeds!  A few dozen people chose to have us grow their seed trays in our greenhouse and here is a picture of their progress.

 Most all the seeds have germinated and the early ones like lettuces, zinnias and marigolds already have their first true leaves.  These seed trays will be ready to pick up in the first week of May.    To the left is the latest picture of their


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