Newsletter: April, 4 2013

Osteospermum seedlings

Farmstand is now open Monday – Saturday 10-5:30. 

Stop by for a glimpse of spring in our greenhouses.  Early-blooming pansies, primulas, Proven Winners and linaria.  The vegetable transplants are growing well, and we should have lettuce and broccoli plants ready for your gardens as soon as the snow melts.
       We are harvesting our own spinach and kale, along with micro mix, pea

shoots and Popcorn shoots.
Popcorn shoots deliver a unique taste.  Mycurrent favorite way to eat them is on top of a cracker with some jalapeno cheese or a sharp cheddar.  The flavor combination is delicious.  We grow the popcorn shoots in the dark, to keep them blanched.
              The lamb count is now up to 8 with one ewe still expecting.  And we just received 24 pullets (young chickens).  These egg-layers will begin producing in late June.  Now it’s starting to feel like a farm…

Seed Sowing Workshop

- Saturday, April 6th – anytime between 1pm-4pm.

           Sow your own tray!

Join us as on Saturday anytime between the hours of 1 and 4 in the afternoon for  the basics of sowing flower and vegetable seeds.  We will be on hand to explain seed germination, show you the proper methods and you can sow your own tray of seedlings here in our greenhouse.  This is a rolling workshop, so stop in anytime between 1pm & 4pm.

The seeds, soil, and traysare included in the $15. workshop fee.
Choose from the following seed varieties:

Genovese Basil,
Opal Basil, Early Girl Tomato,
North Star Pepper,
Jalapeno Pepper,
Zinnia Benary Giant mix,
Zinnia Profusion Cherry,
Impatiens Tempo Mix,
Impatiens Tempo Pink,
Eggplant Classic,
Brussel’s Sprouts,
Marigold Safari Red,
Marigold Disco Yellow,
Salvia Red,
Nasturtium Jewel Mix,
Cosmos Sensation Mix,
Poppy Shirley Double Mix
& Alyssum White.

We supply the seeds, soil, seed trays and expertise.  You choose your favorite seeds and do the sowing.   You may also purchase seeds here at the farm from our offerings of High Mowing organic seeds and Hart’s seeds.
Cost is $15. per seed tray that you take home, or for $30, we will keep the seed tray in our controlled environment greenhouse and tend to the germination and growth of the seedlings for 4 weeks.  One seed tray equals 100 plants.  A great way to invest in garden starts, or perhaps in a mass planting of a particular cultivar. We will be set up at the farmstand on Saturday, April 6th from 1-4 pm.  No appointment necessary.  Stop in anytime between the hours of 1 and 4.  This is a rolling workshop, so stop in anytime.


Yes, we are growing impatiens at Spring Ledge Farm this year.

  We will offer 45 varieties of this garden favorite.  We will continue to inform and alert our gardening customers about Impatiens Downy Mildew, which is a foliar disease of garden impatiens that is predicted to be a major problem in NH this year.   

Impatiens Downy Mildew is the reason we are growing an additional 22 varieties of New Guinea Impatiens, which are not affected by this disease.  We are also growing dozens of new shade-garden annuals including torenias, begonias, hypoestes and coleus.  We offer these as new opportunities for your gardens.  Click here for a list of the impatiens varieties offered at Spring Ledge Farm in 2013.


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