Newsletter: May 10, 2013

Magnolia blooms at the farm this week.

Mom’s Day, Every Day… 

Every day should be Mother’s Day, right?  We should always be thinking about and thanking our moms for what they do every day.  But it doesn’t seem to work that way all the time.  If it has been a while since you thanked your mom, I’m sure she would appreciate a thoughtful note which might happen to be attached to a giant hanging basket or beautiful glazed pot or life-confirming fruit tree.

         Or, if it has been a really long time since you thanked your mom, how about the nice thoughtful, hand-written note, along with a Spring Ledge gift card, hidden in the fancy glazed pot with the life-confirming fruit tree planted alongside the giant hanging basket!  Or (the ideas just keep flowing), how about a nice, thoughtful hand-written note inviting her to spend a few hours with you at Spring Ledge Farm choosing her favorite plants?


Either way, we have thousands of beautiful, healthy plants available.  Stop in to see string gardens,  gorgeous dahlias, flowering shrubs, herb planters, geraniums and cool Mexican pottery.

 Happy Mother’s Day! 


Results of the Delayed Gratification Workshop:

A few weekends ago, we had a good crowd at our workshop.  They chose from dozens of varieties of Proven Winner flowering annuals to create some great combinations.  We planted them in Plant Pies and they are growing well in the greenhouses.  These will be ready to plant in a week or so, straight into a favorite pot, barrel or directly into the garden.

        We planted a few extra of the plant pies with our own recipes of flowering annuals and they are now ready for sale.
Easy to plant, ready to grow.  Choose the plant pie, choose thepot, add soil and water.  You’ll have a beautiful combination planter.


New at the farmstand:
          Just arrived this week -
new shipment of Mexican pottery,
Sonas Gluten free breads,
Walpole Creamery Ice Cream,
Rocky Cannoli’s Drunken Cupcakes,
Whiskey Barrels (not affiliated with the cupcakes),
Blueberry bushes,
strawberry plants,
herbs, herbs and more herbs.

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