Christmas Trees – Balsam Fir

One of our most popular species for Christmas Trees making up about 50% of the trees we sell here at Spring Ledge Farm.   We source our Balsam Firs from tree farms near Orford, NH.  They range in size from 3 feet to over 12 feet tall.

Balsam fir is a beautiful pyramidal tree with short, flat, long-lasting, aromatic needles. Balsam fir and Fraser fir have many similar characteristics and some botanists consider them extensions of the same species. Their geographic ranges do not overlap and the Balsam fir has to have cold winters and cool summers. Balsam fir has a nice, dark green color and very fragrant. The tree was named for the balsam or resin found in blisters on bark and which was used to treat wounds in Civil War.

Here are some interesting links to the Balsam Fir tree & its use in Christmas celebrations.

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