Tomato Grafting at Spring Ledge Farm

Grafting Tomatoes at Spring Ledge Farm creates an incredibly vigorous plant which produces tomatoes through the entire growing season. ┬áHere is how we do it…


We start with a variety chosen for it’s great tasting fruit, and another chosen for vigor and disease resistant roots. It’s hard to find this package in a single variety suitable for greenhouse growing.




Straight cuts are made. As the Queen of Hearts said: “off with their heads!” Pretty brutal but tomatoes are survivors.

Tools of the trade: A silicon tube will hold the two parts together and prevent the graft union from drying out.




The new superplant. Note the thin line of the graft union inside the tube.





The plants are potted into a cell tray and placed in a mist chamber to recover from the trauma. The graft starts to take in a couple of days, and in two weeks the plant can take water and nutrients from it’s roots up to the top of the plant.





The fruit of our labors, healthy plants loaded with great tasting tomatoes. Ready in June!!

And for all you crazy home gardener tomato growers out there, we will be offering grafted tomatoes for the home garden in gallon size pots this May.

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