PYO Flowers

PYO Flowers is open for the 2017 season!

Spring Ledge offers Pick Your Own flowers on over 1/3 acre in the fields next to the farmstand. We grow over 200 varieties of flowers including old time favorites snapdragons, zinnias, asters, cosmos and bachelor buttons. We also try new plants and varieties each year and offer many color choices for each type of plant. For instance, we plan to grow eight varieties of snapdragons and 10 types of sunflowers this year. Our plantings are staggered throughout the summer to provide a steady supply of flowers. We are at the mercy of the weather, though, and therefore cannot guarantee any flowers will be available at any particular time.

Check out this book of photos : 2015 Spring Ledge Farm Cutting Garden Photo Book

Our cut flower garden is open during normal business hours. The garden is located just beyond the farmstand and parking lot (look for the pergola in the field). We have a  table set up with buckets of water and clippers for you to use.  We offer signage with tips on the best way to cut fresh flowers.

Choose your weapon, grab a bucket of water and meander into the garden. We charge by the pound – $13.95 / lb.

Pre-picked bunches are available every day at the farmstand starting in late April (grown in our cold frames).  Prices for the pre-picked bunches range from $5 to $24.   

We also offer wedding and event flowers arranged by our talented cut flower growers.  Click Wedding Flower prices 2016 for more information.

Of course any time you wish to browse through the garden for ideas on new plants or to watch the bees and butterflies in action, you are welcome to do so.

Cutting Tips

The following are harvesting and conditioning techniques used for the most common garden cut flowers. Any flower not specifically mentioned below, and there are hundreds that could be used as cut flowers, will benefit from the following:

  • Cut flowers before they are fully open, usually halfway open and showing color.
  • Cut the longest possible stem to retain the most options when arranging the flowers.
  • Be sure to have a pail of water with you when cutting flowers and place the cut stems into the water as soon as you cut them.
  • Cut early in the morning when plant tissues are firm.
  • Use sharp tools to cut, not crush, the stems.

Post Harvest Treatment

You have your fresh cut flowers, now what? The following tips will help extend the vase life of your cut flowers.

  • Keep them cool or even refrigerated until ready for arranging.
  • Re-cut the stems underwater. When stems are cut in the air, a bubble forms in the conductive tissues of the flower (phloem and xylem). This air bubble can slow down the uptake of water and food for the flower and decrease the vase life. When you cut the stems underwater, the air bubble does not form.
  • Stand the cut flowers loosely in a darkened and cool area for several hours. This reduces the transpiration of the leaves which in turn retains water.
  • If desired, add floral preservative, such as Floralife. Or, try a homemade version of 1 teaspoon sugar and 1 teaspoon bleach to each quart of water in the vase. The bleach keeps bacteria from growing and clogging up the phloem and xylem, and the sugar provides some food for the flower.
  • Arrange, place in your favorite room and enjoy.

Cut Flowers at Home

Whether from seed or transplants, many flowers are well suited to cutting. Check the plant description in the catalog or on the tag for good height (18″+) and possibly a reference to its use as a cut flower. Or check our cut flower listing for some common and not so common plants useful for cutting.


DIY wedding parties often use our cut flower garden to create or supplement their bouquets and arrangements. We are more than happy to have groups of pickers in our garden. We are also happy to work with wedding parties to design bouquets. There are a few differences between our operation and a standard florist:

  • First, the PYO flower field is just that…Pick Your Own.  We do offer a separate service that includes harvesting and designing bouquets, etc.  Please click Wedding Flower prices 2016 for a full listing of our wedding and event flower services.
  • Second, our policy regarding PYO for weddings is to have no policy. You pick at your own risk and use the flowers however and wherever you like.
  • Third, because of unpredictable weather and picking pressures, we cannot guarantee any particular color, type or quantity of flowers on any particular day.
  • Fourth, the cutting garden is a first come, first served

    photo by Crystal Mondor

    pick your own operation.

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