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Useless Strawberry Trivia
by any other name, its still a strawberry

Dutch aardebei
French Fraise
German Erdbeere
Spanish Fresa
Danish jordbaer
Italian Fragola
Botanically, the latin name isFragaria x ananassa DuschesneStrawberries are in the Rosaceae family, the rose family, along with raspberries, roses, and thousands of other plants both familiar and foreign.
The Strawberry plant is a perennial plant, meaning it will survive the winters up here in NH and come back again in the spring.  Commercially, most strawberry plants survive and produce well for about 3 years. We planted 8,000 plants this spring which will produce for us starting next June.  Every year we plant another succession of plants so that we always have some plants that are at their peak of production while others wane and new ones start. Did you know… the tiny seeds on the strawberry (called achenes) are what makes the strawberry fruit grow.  Each seed, once it is pollinated, exudes hormones that grow the red fruit around each particular seed.  The more pollination you have, the better your strawberry because each seed will be viable.  If you took off some of the tiny seeds while the strawberry was still green, you would end up with a warped strawberry – growing red flesh only where there were seeds and not growing at all where you removed the seeds.

Strawberries are high in vitamin C. Here is their basic breakdown of nutrients: per 100g. edible portion

% water Kcal Energy Protein Fat Carbo Fiber Ca P Fe Na K
92 30 kcal 0.6g 0.4g 7g 0.5 14mg 19mg 0.4mg 1mg 166mg
Vit A Thiamin Riboflavin Niacin Vit. C Vit. B6
27 IU 0.02mg 0.07mg 0.23mg 56.7mg 0.06mg

IU = International Units

I’m not sure how many strawberries make up a 100g. edible portion, but I aim to find out…

says here that about 8 strawberries are equal to one orange in terms of vitamin C content.

PYO Flowers

photo by Crystal Mondor

Open starting July 9th, 2017.  Stop in during normal business hours (Mon-Sat 9-6 & Sundays 9-4) and choose from hundreds of varieties and thousands of blooms.  Beautiful setting, healthy plants and loads of color, texture and foliage.  Priced at $13.95 per pound – pay at the farmstand.

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